Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mike Sexton Win's WSOP Tournament of Champions, Donates $500K to Charity

Ian McKenzie

Poker's most beloved ambassador -- WPT host and commentator Mike Sexton - edged out "Kid Poker" Daniel Negreanu after 17 hours to win $1 million at the WSOP's Tournament of Champions. Sexton says he will donate half of his winnings to several charities.

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At 11:57 AM, Blogger OLDSKHOOL said...

I WONDER IF MIKE SEXTON REALIZES THAT THE POKER SITE NLOP (which he promotes) is cheating the public out of a realistic poker experience by suppling a higher than a realistic amount of monster hands to entice people to join up for their VIP membership, and NLOP ended my VIP statis 2 wks earily. i'm not some ranting "loser", to the contrary, i have won $110.00 in the last 3 wks.. (which i never expect to collect ) i joined because i "thought",(my mistake), NLOP was different from the other sites that have honesty issues. within 1 1/2 weeks,when i realized that NLOP was just another FULLTILT copy! i changed my membership statis to basic so that my CC account wouldn't get charged for another month. ( i won't play on unrealistic poker site)and although i paid for a full month, NLOP reduced my statis back to the basic membership even though i still had about 2 weeks left on my original month VIP membership. this is STEALING!!! plan and simple! DOES MR. SEXTON KNOW? DOES MR. SEXTON CARE?

At 8:23 AM, Blogger OLDSKHOOL said...

up[date on nlop... since i started posting my story NLOP has since reinstated my vip statis... so at this point in time.. NLOP seems to be trying to "do the right thing" someone must have been listening... lol


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